Featured Listing

Promoting your listing for 349 AED

By increasing the profile of your listings on Mawjuud you can increase the number of people that see your listing – get more views and viewing requests, hence make more money!

There are a number of promotional extras you will receive when you promote your item to a featured item: 


Featured listings ensure that your listings are at the top of the listings within the search category. 

Feature Stamp

The featured listing will have a stamp on the top right side of the item listing to highlight a top of the list featured item.

Sharing on Mawjuud Social Media network

The featured listing will be considered to be shared on Mawjuud Social Media Network, therefore increase exposure over a wider online network.

Home Page Featured Agent/Broker

Agents with highest number of featured items will be showcased on the home page of Mawjuud under the Featured Agencies & Agents section