Tips for Real estate cold calling

Always be Prepared! Practicing your scripts will make you sound natural and genuine. Keep your tone relaxed and avoid worrying about dropping the script if the conversation is going as planned.

Here are some actions to take before a call so you’re completely prepared for conversations.

  1. Be confident. Moderate your inflection and tone — avoid nervous laughter or fake cheer. Maintain good posture for the best vocal projection.

  2. Stay informed. Be prepared for questions or concerns a prospective client may have. Don’t overpromise.

  3. Practice in pairs. Take the time to rehearse your scripts with someone. Take note of any feedback and try again until the conversation feels natural.

  4. Memorize in portions. Break up the script into sections to more easily memorize and retain the words.

  5. Be ready to take notes. Have a paper and pen handy for jotting down information.

  6. Refresh your market knowledge. Make sure your knowledge about the listings are on top of your mind: from prices, to features and locations. 

  7. Know your availability. Be able to schedule the soonest possible time with a buyer or seller without having to reference your calendar.

  8. Have a meeting place in mind. Pick a place that’s familiar to you, easy for clients to find, has ample parking and offers a conversation-friendly setting so you and the prospective client can chat in comfort.

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