Scripts for Real Estate Text Messaging

Marketing your real estate using text messages or SMS (short message service) marketing has been and still a reliable and quick communication strategy that provides clients with immediate answers to their real estate needs and questions.
Text messaging is a great way to:
  1. Introduce yourself.
  2. Let shoppers know how to get in touch with you.
  3. Ask when they’re available to speak over the phone.
  4. Provide property information.
  5. Share properties they may be interested in

Why use SMS for real estate marketing?

Using text message marketing for real estate is relatively new compared to other industries that started using this method way before. While many buyers and sellers prefer text messaging as their everyday communication tool. Studies revealed that on average more than 40% of all buyer leads were never responded to, and that the average response time for agents to call online leads is more than two days. A real estate text is likely to get you a quick response and a powerful tool to prompt further conversation in person with a client. 
Using SMS for real estate marketing gives you a competitive advantage as an agent/realtor. Each time you exchange messages, you’ll extend your agent/client relationship for another 30 days. It’s important to make a good first impression by responding quickly and with the appropriate information.

Some Real estate texting scripts for effective replies

Your clients use text messaging every day, so it’s natural that they will communicate with you that way. Expect questions from buyers and sellers with these pre-written real estate messages.

Texts from buyers

Use the below sample text messaging scripts to respond to a buyer’s inquiries about a home they’re interested in, an appointment or a pricing request.
Client: I like this home at A St. When can we take a look? 
Agent: Hi, [name]. I’ll be free in about an hour. Does that work for you?
Client: Where are you? 
Agent: Hi, [name]. I’m on my way — should be there in 10 minutes.
Client: How much is this house? 
Agent: Hi, [name]. I have the listed price; can I call you and go over it?

Texts from sellers

Home sellers may request frequent updates from your side on their property status, offers and counter offers via text. Make use of the below sample text message scripts to start or prompt a call and discuss the topics further.
Seller: Can you give me an update on selling my house? 
Agent: Hi, [name]. I’d love to catch up with you. Are you free to talk in 5 minutes?
Seller: I’m not happy with this offer. Can we talk about a counteroffer? 
Agent: Hi, [name]. Definitely. Let me get the file and call you in 5 minutes.
Seller: This offer is too good to pass up. Can I call and accept it right now? 
Agent: Hi, [name]. Let’s make sure and discuss it’s as good as it sounds. Can I call you in 5 minutes?

Texts from buyers or sellers

When you first receive a lead or are about to meet in person for the first time, these text scripts for real estate agents are the perfect way to communicate in a comfortable and easygoing way.
Buyer/Seller: I’m on my way to meet you, but I need the address to the house/your office. 
Agent: Hi, [name]. [address here]. Let me know if you need directions and I’ll call you.
Buyer/Seller: Incoming lead requesting information. 
Agent: Hi, [name]! This is [agent name] from [agent company]. Thanks for reaching out to us. Do you have some time today to chat?

Automated client responses for real estate messages

Agents and Realtors are most of the time busy with clients, showcasing properties to potential buyers, on the phone with a client, which might not let them be as responsive to buyers/sellers requests instantly, although being as responsive and fast is crucial to buyers/sellers as they are as busy, but in order not to miss connections with leads, some agents use auto-responders to reply to buyers/sellers.
When you’re unable to reply in person, an automated response will let the sender know that you’re unavailable but will reconnect shortly. Since you don’t have to type them on the fly, you can make the response a little longer to ensure the client knows when you’ll be in touch. Here are some suggested automated text scripts:
Seller/Buyer contacted you and you are with a client. 
Agent: Thanks for contacting me! I’m currently with a client and will return your message/call ASAP. Is this a good number to reach you?
Seller/Buyer contacts you and you are out of the office. 
Agent: Thanks for contacting me! I’m currently out of the office until [date]. Please text or call [assistant’s name] at [assistant’s number], and I will make sure to contact you once I’m back in the office.
Seller/Buyer contacts you in the middle of the night/ outside normal working hours.
“While its always appreciated by some clients who do not have the time to contact agents during the day to have their messages or calls attended to immediately however, you can as an agent reply and ask to attend the call/message later”
Agent: Thanks for contacting me! It’s currently outside my normal hours, so I’ll return your message/call at [time of day].

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