7 Real Estate Text Messaging Etiquette to consider

Real estate text messaging etiquette

It’s ok to be more conversational when text messaging, but remember to always present yourself as professional and courteous. Check out these tips below before sending off a real estate text message:

  1. Include your name. Clients usually do not have your number saved, so its better to remind them who you are and what agency you’re working with.
  2. Keep your texts short. Keep it short, ask if you can give them a call or send an email later.
  3. Attach photos and videos when appropriate. Including some visual cues in your text message can move a buyer or seller forward in the process more quickly than email.
  4. Avoid using too many abbreviations. Be professional and spell out most words and check for typos before sending.
  5. Maintain a positive tone. Any bad news, such as a sale falling through, should be delivered in person or over the phone.
  6. Leave out confidential or private information. Don’t share any sensitive, confidential, private, proprietary or potentially embarrassing information to a client through text message.
  7. Use full caution when replying to group messages. Don’t assume that it’s OK to reply to a group conversation or to add anyone to your reply.

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7 Real Estate Text Messaging Etiquette to consider